Time for a Change

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Greetings to the writers, readers, and those individuals who have supported us these last three years as we took an initial vision and molded it into something we could sustain (though not without the hard work and dedication of many hands).

Although our work will continue, we think this summer is a good time to give the website a major facelift. Expect minor aesthetic changes, as well as big ones (a new name!). We will also continue to publish posts during construction, and will share these on our Facebook page. Allain Lalonde will be crucial in guiding these changes, and we cannot thank him enough for his time which he has volunteered graciously because we’re all poor and can’t really afford him.

When we started this three years ago, few of us could have imagined how many people would read our posts or contribute thoughts of their own. As always, please consider us as an outlet for rants, manifestos, or longer critical essays.

In solidarity,

The soon-to-be-former Uprooting family


  1. I’m in. Whatever is planned, I will write and send others (students, colleagues, communities) to you. Please consider me a resource.

  2. Thanks so much for your support Michael! And thanks for contributing. We hope you’ll do so in the future 🙂

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