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Welcome to Uprooting Criminology! Today marks the launch of not only this blog but of the website that hosts us: Uprooting Criminology: A Reasoned Plot. Founded by a collective of critical minds, dedicated to providing radical perspectives, this site exposes socio-political, historical and economic constructions of issues related to crime, justice and social harm. The Uprooting Criminology blog has been created as a space for the purposes of voicing critical thought, appreciation and opinion about issues that are not only important to social communities (local, regional, national and global), but to the individuals that occupy them. From the broad to the nuanced, the blog will tackle both topics that have been popularized in the media, and those that are highly politicized.

Taking on subjects of crime, justice and social harm, blog authors set about critically addressing issues of social inequality in an effort to debunk myth, rhetoric, and popular discourse that dominates traditional understandings of the issue. Through short commentaries, film reviews, as well as socio-political critiques, contributors provide alternative resources regarding criminalization, inequality, and social harm for the purpose of encouraging social action and change. It is our hope that the production of creative and critical resistance will provide a challenge to the socio-political status quo and empower others to follow suit.

The month of November kicks us off with several interesting topics, some of which include issues related to immigration, policing, terrorism and surveillance, as well as retributive justice. We are also accepting submissions for consideration for January 2014, so please check out the details on our submissions page and keep us in mind as an outlet for your social activism and critical commentary.

It is therefore, with great excitement that I not only welcome you to Uprooting Criminology, but thank all those members of the collective, and those who have provided us with some excellent content, who have been instrumental to launching Uprooting Criminology: A Reasoned Plot. I only hope that like many of our contributors, you will stay engaged and follow Uprooting Criminology, as there is so much more great stuff to come!

Blog Editor
Victoria Ellen Collins, PhD
School of Justice Studies
Eastern Kentucky University




  1. This looks really good! Glad to see it’s up and running. I intend to submit something in the not-too-distant future for your consideration.

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