Wishes for Peace, Love & Connection This Holiday Season

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Holiday Greeting from Those of Us at Imagining Justice!

Though for many, this time of year is full of joy and happiness, for some it brings feelings of loneliness, alienation, disconnection and despair.  To those, we say that you are connected and you are valued, respected & loved.  Given the abstract expression of this sentiment, it may be small consolation; But know that there are so many of us working toward a future of connection, peace and love for all.  And you are needed for this work – please remember that during these holiday weeks.

To those celebrating holidays in the coming weeks (whether it be Winter Solstice, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, the New Year, or anything else), we ask that, if possible, you do what you can to reach out to the less fortunate during these times.  To those who are despairing or suffering during this time, at the very least know that we are out here, that we care, and that you belong.  If you are so inclined, reach out and find that point of connection.  We think you’ll find that, in spite of apparent evidence to the contrary, goodness still far outweighs evil in this world.

In the spirit of this post, in lieu of the more traditional (and cheery) holiday songs, I will leave you with my favorite of all holiday/Christmas songs*:


Best wishes from all of us at Imagining Justice, wherever you might be over over the holiday weeks!



*Please excuse/forgive the homophobic slur in the song.  It was, you might say, in the parlance of the times.

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