Imagining Justice Submission Criteria

We are currently soliciting blogs, critical essays, in the classroom instructional pieces, art, and visual entries. Submissions should tackle subjects of crime, justice, and social harm and be consistent with our mission statement.

Blog posts should be under 1000 words and may include images as well as creative content, such as songs or poetry. Critical essays are formal essays, over 1000 words in length, and may include tables, figures, etc. We also encourage posts using art or other visual mediums to examine justice issues.

‘In the Classroom’ is a forum for critical academics to share resources and ideas for fostering critical thinking. If you wish to propose a link or websource that you find helpful, please include a short write up (between 250-800 words) providing some context as to how this resource can be used and to what ‘kinds’ of students (e.g. is this a source suitable for advanced research methodology seminars, or an introduction to sociology class).

Only original submissions will be accepted, meaning content previously published elsewhere will not be considered. Submissions should be typed and sent as word documents (docx. preferred) to Please allow four weeks for submissions to be considered for publication.